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New International Students
Name Admin Date Feb 23, 2012 3:30 PM

New students applying for the I-20 certificate must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Students must be admitted to the university.
  2. Submit a completed I-20 Application form available in the administration office.
  3. Submit a completed International Student Financial Information form along with current financial statements providing evidence of financial support including tuition, fees, living expenses, books, insurance, supplies, and transportation.
  4. Students who have sponsors must submit a completed INS Affidavit of Support form (I-134) along with all the required supporting documents.
  5. Provide a clear legible copy of a valid passport with the full name, picture, and expiration date showing.
  6. All international students (I-20 students).enrolling in any program other than ESL100, ESL200, ESL300, TOEFL Preparation, and Business English must provide a copy of their TOEFL exam results showing a minimum score of 500 (or 173 on computer based exam).
  7. New international students with dependents must complete the dependents section of the I-20 Application form and provide a clear legible copy of each dependent's valid passport with the full name, picture, and expiration date showing.
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